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Help? Yes please

This shouldn’t take too long to grasp but I understand it may take a little while to actually put it into motion… Not used to having help hey? Well I wasn’t either, never needed any. But once I realised I could get more out of my day by learning “Yes please”, it got easier to say it. In fact I ask for help now. I even leave things on the floor if its a bad day (just push it aside with my foot, it’ll be dealt with later) because I realise it means more capacity to do other things and LESS PAIN. Of course this only applies if you have help… So, here we go… practice makes perfect, follow my lead, repeat after me all words in blue:

Can I unpack your shopping for you? Yes please. Can I give you a ride to your appointment? Yes please. Can I make the coffee? Yes please. Can I bring dinner? Yes please. Can I type a letter for you and post it? Yes please. Do you need help with your workcover paperwork (eg: need to go to conciliation, do you need me to gather reports for a meeting, do you need help looking into your entitlements like home help, gather x-rays etc for a medical examination, call your workcase manager? Yes please, Yes please, Yes please, Yes please, Yes please, Yes please. Can I order some shopping, Yes please. Can I make some meals for you? Yes please. Can I take some washing, do you have ironing I can do? Yes please. Do you need a lift anywhere? Yes please. Can I set you up for online shopping and bill paying? Yes please. Can I pay any bills for you now? Yes please. Is there any other research I can do, find a practitioner or therapist perhaps? Yes please. Thank you.

You get the gist…

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