Thank you for your patience while I updated my website. I feel refreshed now…!

I’m really happy to not only have updated my website but to be reporting on my positive progress. I’m doing that by ‘Marking the beginning of another year’ and not the end of one. We go forward – right?

I’m getting better and better at this chronic pain management business and my pain levels are decreasing.

I’m upping activity ↑ and downing the pain levels ↓ – delayed pain response included! I NEVER thought the delayed pain, ridiculous responses would ease.

So, sacrifice after sacrifice after sacrifice and the blah, blah, blah… aside, what I’m trying to say is that what I’m doing…

is working!

What’s working number 1?

My life style change. The total transformation of both mine and Theo’s life was for us to be able to manage better, for me to be able to participate in a ‘work’ environment and so that we could live in a place that was more suitable for chronic pain.

That’s working!

What’s working number 2?

My new sacral stimulation implant and the wonderful new burst program added at my recent pain management appointment.

The way I understood the new burst description is that Boston Scientific have come up with a way for the stimulation to impact the other parts of the brain and not just have the stim programs targeting the pain area of the brain.

Boston Scientific have and continue to do their research and thankfully know that pain isn’t just about targeting the signal – it’s a load of other stuff that can impact pain and that other stuff is found elsewhere in the brain.

When I was ‘updated’ with this new burst program I felt really light headed – was so weird like I just came off a ride, but I felt a great pressure release in my head…

So not only is the benefit here the new program, but also that the sacral stim is a success. It’s my two year anniversary this month so I definitely know that my leads are in the right place and that we’re getting on very well. Not saying the unit doesn’t get in the way, get irritated occasionally and unexpectedly poke me sometimes but hey, that stuff’s a piece of cake in comparison!

What’s working number 3?

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

It’s really lifted my mood. Or is it the burst program? Or is it both? But which came first?

Who cares?!

But I believe PEA has definitely given me a spring in my day. I actually feel like speaking to people not pushing myself to speak to people. I am happier when I go out and I’m not pushing through feeling I’d much rather be home.

I’m able to notice the feeling of water falling on the tops of my feet and thighs suddenly – it’s so lovely! So my attention is turning from the pelvis, the pain, the area that has so driven me nuts and consumed my focus for 10 years.

This mood lift has also contributed to me investigating something new for my skin and being able to stay focused on that new thing – it is just amazing to me that I can do this continuously.

I’m able to hold this new, lovely focus and have feelings of enjoyment (not just because the product is making a physical difference to my skin). Previously, I would not have had the focus to notice even the good changes, I would have given up because pain interrupted again!

This scenario has made me so happy this past couple of months because it’s a ‘normal’ activity. How many people have you witnessed doing these simple body maintenance activities all the while thinking ‘oh who’s got the energy or capacity to do or even think about that’? Might I add, how enjoyable and easy does it seems to find a product that produces results so quickly after trying to find pain relief for 10 years?!!!!!

Now I am experiencing something I call luxury!

From here…

Well, it has to be a better outlook surely? I need to focus on life balance. I’ve still not established an exercise routine, in fact I haven’t established any routine. There’s the car to manage and a little more physical activity as far as house chores and living duties go. And there is still pain, there is still feet swelling and other discomfort but at least now I know I’ll be ‘better soon’ and the pain effects subside.

As far as work goes, I really potter about at my pace – there’s another luxury (if you ignore the stresses of self employment). You certainly don’t need two people to manage a gallery in Queenscliff but feeling a part of a creative venture is huge for me.

Art is possible now and I am making artwork albeit with lot’s of help from Theo. We managed something very exciting these passed two months.

So from here, it’s going to be more pacing, more pain management, and some much better days…!