Since my last follow up appointment with my pain specialist, I’ve been full steam ahead investigating his pain management recommendations.

Together, we reassessed my situation – the pros and cons, can do’s and can’t do’s, and among my specialist’s recommendations was a prescription for compounded pain medications.

Although what I’m blogging isn’t actually funny at all, I thought you would enjoy me sharing the response I received today from my insurer in regard to my pain specialist’s prescription.

At the very least, we could have a huge laugh together. After all, we’ve been through alot of this insurer rubbish together and I feel you could do with the laugh too!

The effort my insurer makes to appear stupid and ignorant in their daily work, and the effort they make to voluntarily communicate their ignorance, today, for some reason (let’s call it this fab new medication) made me want to laugh.

The reimbursement of my two stimulation devices are being ‘officially’ knocked back and so together with this medication knock back, Theo and I will be heading back to conciliation.

But, let’s have a laugh together first shall we?

I mean really, how far is Worksafe and our government going to stretch this pathetic and blatantly obvious, poor and deliberate treatment toward Australian injured workers?

(Insurer name)’s Medical Advisor has reviewed and provided a recommendation in relation to your request to fund Palmitoylethanola capsules and Menthol, Tetracaine cream.

The following information has been provided.

It has been confirmed Palmitoylethanola (PEA, Normast, PeaPure) is a fatty acid amide (lipid).  It is not produced in Australia.  On review of the literature, although there are positive studies in neuropathic pain, there are no positive studies in chronic pain.  There is neither level 1 or level 2 research for this substance for this condition. Accordingly, it has been recommended this request be denied as there is no evidence that this treatment assists in chronic pain.

In relation to Menthol, Tetracaine cream it has been confirmed the components of this cream are both registered on the ARTG. Menthol is indicated for arthritic and muscular pain, but is not on the PBS for this. Tetracaine is an anesthetic agent which is not on the PBS for arthritic and muscular pain.  On review of the literature (NeNET database) there is no level one or two evidence for the effectiveness of this preparation.  It was recommended that this request be denied as this treatment has no studies which show it is effective.

I will be sending out a letter confirming this decision.

I understand that I previously advised that these would be paid and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Hilarious lingo hey?!!

And doesn’t it make you wonder? Exactly what are these people being paid to play THIS dumb?!