In just a few days I will be seeing Dr Christelis.

I’ve had one follow up appointment since my sacral stim implant.

It’s not that the stim has miraculously sorted my chronic pain issue, and not that I haven’t had a million symptoms to question, but I’ve come to learn that symptoms change alot. So I wait weeks, even months before deciding whether I need an appointment.

During this time a fair bit of info accumulates. I learn alot about my treatment and alot about how my body responds to it. It’s impossible to remember all this detail.

Thoughts I battle before an appointment are – how I’ll manage the car ride, my preference to be self managing, and that I’m sick of appointments. There is also the cost issue to take into account and that there are others who need these appointments also. A good pain specialist is busy.

Being conscious of the above, I’ve learned to manage appointments better. I plan for the appointment by using Pain Train to speak for me and remind me of everything I want to say.

Wanna see how I do this?

First, I begin thinking about what I want to report keeping in mind that I don’t have a great deal of time to chat!

Breaking the info down, these are my top 5 points:

  • Explain my greatest challenges
  • Explain my most worrying/pain impacting issues
  • Lap up a little relief by speaking to someone who understands both Theo and I
  • Explain how the sacral stim treatment has helped

To give you all a real-time glimpse of my preparation, I created a second Pain Train online profile that is very brief compared to my real profile (thought to spare you guys the scrolling).

For the purpose of the exercise, I called myself Dorothy Day – a happy name I thought and I added the info that I want to communicate at next week’s appointment before proceeding to set up my private access token.

Normally the private access link is sent to the specialist which is where my full profile access link will be going (I email Dr Christelis).

Pain Train patient profile access token for – Dr Nick

A private access token has been sent to you by – Dorothy Day. The token was created at: Oct. 05,2017 11:46 am To use this code please go to

At any time until the appointment (or even after), I can update the info in any way I wish. I might have forgotten something I really wanted to say so it’s good to start this process a week before the appointment.

Using Pain Train in this way takes the pressure off me. Two facts I’ve learned in over 10 years of managing chronic pain are:

  1. I know I will forget details during the appointment, and
  2. There will never be enough time to say everything I want to say

There are many ways in which I feel Pain Train helps me but the access feature by far is the most important. From a psych perspective, management perspective, efficiency perspective and even financial perspective it just works to put this information in a place where it’s safe, so that I never have to repeat it and where I can use it as I wish.

I also get to see if my pain specialist is paying attention to ME.

I’ll have my profile on my phone but Dr Christelis will also have my profile up on his computer after receiving the private link.

And if I suddenly change my mind about Dr Christelis (we all know that’s highly unlikely!) I’ll remove his access link and he will no longer have access to my information.  For all sorts of reasons, it’s crucial that anyone using Pain Train is able to deny future access to anyone they have previously given access. Pain Train makes that super easy.

View the vimeo of how I added the info to my profile. Or you can also just hit this link and view the very short version of my Pain Train online health profile to see exactly what I’ll be discussing with Dr Christelis next week.

There are more ‘how to’ vimeos on the Pain Train website.

And be sure if I hear anything spectacular at the appointment next week, I’ll be sure to post it!

Update Oct 6th at 4pm

Look who checked out my profile today at 1:58pm!! I couldn’t be better set for my appointment…