Well it’s hardly a birthday celebration! But certainly a time to reflect and assess myself and the achievements of PudendalNerve.com.au. The total visits in 12 months total an astounding 21,500 and the search terms are a clear indication that still, so little is understood of Pudendal Neuralgia worldwide.

The first note must be of thanks and of course, has to go to my husband Theo. Without Theo’s daily help this site simply wouldn’t be up and running…. neither would I!

Second note worthy thank you, and certainly something that can be celebrated, has to be the beautiful connections I’ve made in the past year. I’ve met the most inspiring, energising, kind, compassionate people, whether practitioners, therapists, chronic pain sufferers, or people attached to the pain system, you have been my encouragement and empathy. Your pain and/or knowledge inspire me to continue and get to the bottom of this dreaded pain issue in the hope of resolving it (and not just for my sake), and/or try to voice my improvements for an ignorant WorkCover system.

As far as my personal one year status goes, I definitely have ‘progress’ to celebrate; I’m running on Nerve block no. 3, refreshing my pelvis as required with a newly installed bidet, taking minimal amounts of Endep and in much less pain. Although I’m still much limited with capacity and rely on daily help and regular massage, I’m able to work a little from an accommodating home setup, thinking a lot more, delegating-delegating-delegating and finally, but not least, have taken a plunge into the wonderful world of Chinese Medicine which I believe may finally be able to reach my pain. Stay tuned for another update on that soon.

Nerve Block Cake & Candle

Here are some more specific, but also saddening, statistics that may be of interest to my subscribers and visitors (and my very loyal spies!):

Top country visitors:
Australia with 8,564 views
United States with 5,977 views
United Kingdom with 1,795 views

Top 10 posts:
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Top search terms:
pudendal nerve / block / neuralgia / flare / entrapment / australia
dr thierry vancaillie, jacques beco pudendal nerve decompression
living with pudendal neuralgia
workcover victims diary

Saddest search terms:
can the pudendal nerve heal itself
can pudendal neuralgia go away
pudendal nerve help
pudendal nerve in men
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coping with pudendal neuralgia
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pudendal nerve vibration feeling

The worst search term of all:
pudendal pain gonna kill myself


Thank you to all of you for reading and for your wonderful messages. Practitioners please keep your knowledge coming. I’m now off to write to Safe Work Australia regarding their ‘fair’ assessment approaches and the limitations of Independent medical examiners in the WorkCover system.