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ABC 1 Catalyst: The Trouble with Sex


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Injury to this nerve can happen during childbirth or with lower back injury, or strenuous exercise. Australian based expert on the pudendal nerve is gynaecologist, Dr Thierry Vancaillie.

Dr Thierry Vancaillie
When they come to see us, they will talk about bowel dysfunction and bladder dysfunction. Maybe talk about pain within the course, but arousal problems, well, they’ll leave that for last, if they’ll talk about it.

Dr Vancaillie is experimenting with a more permanent solution to this problem. He will use a neuro-stimulator, which is surgically implanted into the base of a patient’s spine. If he can abate the pain, it’s likely he will also abate the arousal.

Dr Thierry Vancaillie
The nerve stimulation sends out a signal that competes with the pain signal, and therefore the brain gets confused, so to speak, and ignores the pain signal.

X-rays guide the electrode into the exact position next to the pudendal nerve.

Dr Thierry Vancaillie
There within millimetres of the target, then we can really choose the electrode that provides the best stimulation in that particular patient.

Dr Maryanne Demasi
At the moment the doctors are cutting a small pocket in the patient’s backside, where the battery will sit permanently.

All leads are within range with …

Dr Thierry Vancaillie
We connected the leads then to the generator which is in here, at about one centimetre below the skin, so we can access it to, to recharge it.

Once it’s switched on, electrical signals fire twenty-four hours a day.

Dr Thierry Vancaillie
This is their controller, like any other remote device, they can increase or decrease the intensity of the stimulation, and then have one or two programs to choose from.

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What is Pudendal Neuralgia (PN)?
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