I was so close to throwing the PainTrain My Health Summary idea out the window when COVID-19 hit.

There was no way I could be positive about pushing on with my little train startup while a pandemic was approaching. But as it turned out COVID-19 catapulted telehealth behaviour and with that came increased interest in health tech and a newborn… the digital patient!

My creative communication experience always encouraged me down this complex path – I found healthcare primitive!

The way people manage their health and the way appointments are managed has not changed for eons. If you live with an ongoing medical condition, we know now that it takes teamwork to manage it and you have to be responsible for your own health information (or it all gets documented incorrectly!).

Clearly, I believe that we need to step up and manage our health and all things relating to it. We especially need to do this because we all have such lengthy stories to tell!

So on that note, here’s my big news from my humble little train which is now planning to go way beyond its destination… if you help me, there’s a lifetime subscription in it for you!


The PainTrain My Health Summary team is thrilled to announce they will be rebranding to My Health Story. Keep reading because there are more announcements about the new website as well as a subscription offer of a lifetime…

The consumer survey distributed to PainTrain MHS Advisory members, subscribers, and followers formed a clear decision to rename the health summarising resource to My Health Story. At close second was My Health History.

In addition, the survey results indicated the much-needed requirement for an App version of the resource and more functionality for Affiliates and subscribers seeking more straightforward ways to access and include health information from their GPs.

The development work has begun behind the scenes, and a new website is forming – we’ll keep you up to date!

BUT we also need a little support if we’re going to make it to the blaring request for a My Health Story App. We’ve got an offer of a lifetime. Keep reading!

(Can’t wait to hear our offer of a lifetime? Bursting to support us? Then hit it!)

Added functionality coming with the new My Health Story

The Affiliate Dashboard

An Affiliate Dashboard will be generated as soon as an Affiliate signs up and pays their subscription fee to My Health Story (existing Affiliates will be upgraded free of charge… of course!).
A personalised Affiliate link generates showing the Affiliate Dashboard for easy sharing with clients/patients (this link is key to setting up the dashboard and rewarding Affiliates for encouraging the use of My Health Story – be sure to use it).
Affiliates will view all sign-ups from their dashboard and see all Access Links granted to them, their client/patient’s health subscription information such as dates, and all the rewards due to them from the one table.
Each shared health story will appear as a separate tab for easy access.

Look at the new Affiliate dashboard and the icon we’re adding to the My Health Story menu in the image below:

MHS21- Affiliate dashboard

Filing Cabinet sharing

Once My Health Story goes live, clients/patients and their health teams will have the ability to share the Filing Cabinet.

Only after consent from the client/patient will this function appear, and it will be in the form of two-way access to the Filing Cabinet.
Affiliates/Healthcare practitioners can upload important resources straight to their client/patient’s Filing Cabinet.

The feedback from the consumer survey was that patients wanted easier access to their health information and that they were frustrated at how difficult it was to obtain some precious and essential info that formed their health story.

Our founder and the developers have spent much time on this crucial feature that allows clients/patients to request direct upload during their appointments and see files uploaded straight to their health story Filing Cabinet!

Keep reading; we’ve got an offer of a lifetime!

BELOW: Shareable Filing Cabinet showing the two sections of uploads by the health story owner and their health team:

MHS16- Filing Cabinet public

What’s the App deal?

Buy us ten coffees at buymeacoffee.com/myhealthstory, and we’ll give you a lifetime subscription to My Health Story (starting as soon as you shout us!).

Did we offer a LIFETIME subscription for $50?

Yes, we did! But there are limited lifetime subscriptions available – we’ll only allow 150 subscriptions. That includes Affiliate sign-ups who will be super keen to snap the offer up of never having to subscribe again and reaping the maximum reward for encouraging empowerment. Keep in mind that the lifetime offer also goes out worldwide – did you know we have Affiliates and subscribers in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands?

ONLY 150-lifetime subscriptions… GO!

Your lifetime subscription will be live within 48 hours of your donation, so you can start using pain-train.com.au and be ready for My Health Story as soon as the new website is up.

To support My Health Story, if you do not need a lifetime subscription, how about just shouting a coffee for $5? Or, as many or few coffees as you like? On this fabulous website, the choice is yours, and every coffee contributes to the My Health Story App.

Thank you for being so supportive. Good luck in becoming the first 150 lifetime My Health Story subscribers.