Evelyn totally has PelvicSense!

And thankfully, Evelyn made an online pelvic healing home program out of it. It includes an easy-to-understand book, calming audios with music, downloads, and many gently progressive pelvic exercise videos.

I was thrilled to chat and meet Evelyn Hecht PT recently. It is refreshing to speak to a healthcare professional who has the care factor and exudes warmth and understanding.

My one-hour conversation with Evelyn via zoom left me feeling so relaxed and in awe (and relieved!) at what Evelyn has made for the pelvic pain community (male and female). This kind of home program which Evelyn based on pain neuroscience, evidence-based self-healing techniques, and a peaceful mind and body exercise program, is way overdue.

Setting up an online course focused on healing chronic pelvic pain/pelvic distress issues is not easy. I haven’t seen a lot of programs or apps that tackle the vast aspects of healing from pain as PelvicSense does.

But again, it comes down to Evelyn – just watch this:

Evelyn gets it. She cares. And I believe it’s also Evelyn’s unique insight and experience (25 years!) – the elements are packaged together beautifully.

The PelvicSense Program

Pelvic Sense Program
Heal Your Pain book

The PelvicSense program has 4 Levels, and within is a trio of healing skills. Learn (educational topics -about a 10 min read), Rewire (15 min of listening to calming audios), and Move (15-20 min exercise videos) to do!

Throughout the course, you know what to expect and what to do. You’ll get into a rhythm of reading pertinent information, listening, and exercising guided by Evelyn. There is also a library available to you that includes Evelyn’s bookHeal Your Pelvic Pain With Science.

Evelyn empowers you to achieve significant healing in three months. Doing 20 minutes a day, three days a week for three months, you’ll learn what you need for daily management and what you need to hopefully rid pelvic pain.

All the time you invest in participating in the PelvicSense course will be useful. I felt like I was walking an enjoyable path leading to a valuable destination. I knew a lot of information, some I did not know, and a lot that I had to remind myself about – like how to get good quality sleep!

Every participant also has support while using the program. You can leave comments and contact Evelyn if you have questions. I think best of all is the precise structure of this course and that a finish line exists.

A huge congratulations to Evelyn for creating PelvicSense – I think the program is going to make a massive difference to our pelvic pain community. It’s affordable, doable manageable, and you can participate on any device

Your Soula Perk – 10% off

There are three offers available for the PelvicSense program, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As a follower of pudendalnerve.com.au, Evelyn has generously offered you a 10% off perk. After you choose the offer, at the checkout page, enter the coupon code HELLOPS and you’ll automatically get the 10% off your pelvic healing home program!

PelvicSense Silver

• Online Program for 3 months
• Email support for 3 months
• Invite to Private FB Group
• Access to PelvicSense Mobile

Payment Plan options:
a) 3 Instalments: $38/month x 3 months = $114
(-10% with coupon HELLOPS)

b) Pay in Full: $99
(-10% with coupon HELLOPS)

PelvicSense Gold

Everything in Silver PLUS:
• Three (3) Group Zooms (on a HIPAA compliant platform) hosted by Evelyn Hecht for all current Gold members offering pelvic wellness information and insights to support your recovery process
• Download and keep all calming Rewire audios to listen to anywhere, anytime

Payment Plan
a) 3 Instalments: $92/month x 3 months = $276
(-10% with coupon HELLOPS)

b) Pay in Full: $229
(-10% with coupon HELLOPS)

PelvicSense Platinum

• PelvicSense Platinum Lifetime offers a fully downloadable, keep forever home program designed to guide you to achieve long-lasting healing from pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.
• Full downloadable program
• For lifetime
• Invite to Private FB Group
• Access to PelvicSense mobile

A 75 minute one to one private Zoom informational session with Evelyn Hecht, founder of PelvicSense Inc.

Payment Plan
Pay in Full: $477
(-10% with coupon HELLOPS)

Silver & Gold members can upgrade to Platinum anytime and just pay the difference.