The workshop is for people who live with long-term persistent pain and want to learn simple pain self-management skills.

Date And Time
Sat, 10 April 2021
19:00 – 21:30 AEST

Online Event

£45.75 (On Sale 9 Feb 2021 at 17:00)

About this Event

Introduction from Pete

Most people with persistent pain struggle to manage it. I know how they feel because I also struggled back in the early 1990s.

It wasn’t until I got myself on a pain management programme in 1996, where I learnt some basic and simple life-long skills to self-manage my pain, myself.

I still use those skills today and why since 1997, I haven’t had the need to take any pain medication. I teach this same simple skills in the workshop.

How the workshops work

  • The workshops are online 2.5 hours long..but could run on longer
  • Workshops will only have between 6-8 people, so there is time for people to be interactive with Pete and each other.

Watch the video from Pete Moore who gives an overview of the workshop

Pain Toolkit Workshop overview

  • Introductions and challenges you have living with pain and long-term health conditions
  • What do you want to get out of the workshop?
  • Setting the scene…why you and healthcare professionals get stuck and all the really interesting stuff
  • Stretch/comfort break 10mins
  • Understanding the tools in the Pain Toolkit and how to use them
  • Explain the 5 key coaching pain self-management skills?
  • Social Prescribing
  • Ending the workshop

If you would like even more information, please contact Pete via the website