Ages ago, I blogged about this magic move my diagnosing physiotherapist showed me.

It was the first time in 4.5 years that my pain was shut off.

It was heaven and I can still remember the moment of silence and peace – it was magic.

Although the below resource from the brilliant Dr Susie Gronski is a different move, I believe it may be similar.

I’ve tried this and it works. Although the pain returns, it can settle my pain and help me fall asleep if the pain begins in bed.

Are you following Dr Susie? You SO should be as there are so many great things to learn – Dr Susie is totally in the know when it comes to chronic pain!

Dr Susie does specialise in male pelvic pain but as you’ll see, there’s much for women to learn also. AND you can work with her virtually. Hello!

Hope this helps you guys.

Over to you Dr Susie…

Do you have that gnawing, aching, pain in the butt feeling when sitting down?

I hear you! I don’t think you should live like this – and you don’t have to!

I made a short video to help you understand how your nerves trigger that pain in your butt sensation and teach you a quick and simple exercise sequence you can do on your own (we’ll even do it together, right now!) to start feeling better down there.

Now… onto the exercise! Click the image below or click here to watch.

P.S. I learned this technique by Diane Jacobs in her Dermo Neuro Modulation course (I shared some of what I learned in this course back on Instagram – remember this post?)

Remember: motion is lotion! This is your daily reminder to refresh your tissues with some mindful movement.
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In loving wellness for your pelvis™,

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