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Piecing myself back together

Excerpt from soula.com.au/blog September 22nd, 2013

I’m having a great and most satisfying time with this self-portrait. From scouring for different pieces of paper, to painting my own, to writing on the portrait, every experimental and contributing part has hit my pain spot.

The word ‘broken’ was so often used by Frida Kahlo, I so understand why even though I don’t have anywhere near the injuries or horrific post surgery trauma she must have suffered. I certainly feel that the solid body I once felt I had is no longer solid at all.

I thought to post a status update rather than wait for the completed piece as I’m enjoying each stage in itself. There seem to be many components to this work, pieces and parts within in each other, layers and layers. It’s also fun documenting as I go along, I get so much out of that presentation too, seeing the piece through the camera and other various platforms (instagram, facebook, twitter).

Collage Portrait 1 Collage Portrait 2 Collage Portrait 3 Collage Portrait 4 Collage Portrait 5 Collage Portrait 6


Ps I’d like to thank BJBall papers for the great CordenonS paper sample I found in our design studio, Nespresso for the great shade of their bag and, Aesop also for their great shade of paper bag as well as their divine linen bag (if I can bear to chop it up).

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  1. Sue Carey September 24, 2013 at 1:09 am - Reply

    This is awesome!
    I have just discovered your blog after reading your “weather report” on the Pelvic Pain,Health Unlocked site.
    I am a chronic pelvic pain sufferer of 19 years, following a disastrous & traumatic Vaginal Hysterectomy.
    I am also an artist, well… I enjoy art, journaling and taking on-line courses.
    I love your self-portrait.
    It is exceptional.
    I love the concept of putting yourself back together again!
    I have attempted similar projects over the years.

    It has been wonderful to “meet” you, and I will follow your blog with interest.

    Take care of you,
    Best wishes for now,

    Sue xx

    • Soula Mantalvanos September 24, 2013 at 10:12 am - Reply

      Hello Sue,

      Thank you so much. Heart wrenching to read about your 19 years of pain. I hope you are coping ok. Creativity is really a treatment in itself. I went through a time where I couldn’t create, I wrote instead and thankfully Instagram was released. That’s so easy to use, even on the worst days. Point and shoot! Communicating the pain is really a form of getting that anxt out of us I believe. You should jump on Facebook and put your work up. I’d love to see it. you can find me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/SoulasChronicPelvicPainStory

      So lovely to ‘meet’ you too. I’m sure we’ll chat again soon.
      Best wishes to you also.
      xx Soula

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