Am I excited today!

As I progress this path of pain, I retain my non-negotiable pointers – one of which is my need for my custom made seating aid.

I would love to ditch this damn thing from under my backside and from my clutch every time I go out for a seated event, but it’s just too valuable for my capacity.

Figuring out the big ‘dangers in me’ (remember we talked about DIMS and SIMS?) has been key to my pacing forward.

Regardless of scientific facts, magic, religion, brain chemistry, astrology, whatever you believe causes pain, what I know is that when I place my backside on a hard surface it hurts a great deal. Hurts a great deal more afterwards too. And it becomes an even bigger deal if I persist.

In actual fact, it’s the impact of my tail bone touching the seat that causes the pain. Whatever. Let’s move on…

Foam has been hard to find… until now! Hello Foam Sales Foam + Polystyrene Solutions in Western Australia!!

And I had to share this glorious resource because anyone, anywhere can order this stuff in any sheet size, customise shapes (I nearly sent a pattern of my backside in… perhaps I will!) various thicknesses, softness, hardness, you can get your name printed in it… and it’s all available to order online (Soula gets to enjoy the benefits of avoiding another DIM – commuting)!

I’ll write home when I get the EPE and the EVA orders and give them a good test run (I’ve had a lot of foam deflate over my 12 years!). But please remember, what works for my toosh may not work for yours!

Until then, hit the button* and start your own investigation!



*No vested interested in recommending this product/company