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Thanks Erin Brockovich for supporting injured workers


Erin Brockovich and Work Cover Victim

It’s starting to happen, there’s a little stir… injured workers are speaking up. And they’re getting noticed.

Thank you to the brilliant WorkCoverVictim (and my cyber friend – well how else to injured workers meet!?), and your team for providing incredible support to injured workers through your brilliant website. You deserve your visit from THE Erin Brockovich.

Injured workers, employees and tax payers who are paying for a limited and outdated WorkCover system, it’s time to speak up. And for those investigators that think we’ll be defeated and you can take advantage of our incapacities and disabilities, you need to take note too. We won’t be bullied.

Erin Brockovich, you revived some injured workers today. THANK YOU.

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