What a breath of fresh air this information is!

I first had a very lengthy chat with Ian Cleary on the phone about five years ago. I purchased the book The Lightning Process and found it so very interesting. Some of the things I learned reading the book have stuck with me, like being able to tip my head under the tap to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth.

I better explain that.

There’s a brilliant exercise in the book that gets you recalling your pre-injury self. It’s almost a meditation.

For me the exercise begins in my bedroom in bed, waking up the morning the fitball burst.

Nine years had past so many details may not have been recalled correctly but I totally got into the scene; I looked at the ceiling, the walls, the clothes, the floor, I imagine every move and sight of the morning routine. I got into my shoes, my clothes, washed my face, went to the toilet, looked around in the toilet, identified the details of the walls, the tap, the floor, the door handle and then headed to my lounge room for my yoga morning routine.

I didn’t recite this every day, I relived the scene every day and I also sent myself through other parts of my day, walking around our home, looking around to how things were identifying details of furniture, views from the window, anything I could remember.

Not only did I enjoy the process and regret not coming across this information before so that I could accurately execute the process, but one night, after nine years of grabbing a cup to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth, I instead found myself tipped under the tap, head in the basin.

Theo was next to me. I was startled and asked him to look at what I was doing. I recognised I was in a pre-injury action. I bent down, unprotected pelvis and swung down so naturally!!! To add to this, it didn’t hurt doing it. Since then, I have always tipped my head under the tap.

There is so much learning to do with Ian Cleary and the Lightning Process. I would have loved to have afforded his course and to also be able to physically get back to Melbourne to participate. It’s a bit difficult from regional town now.

So I’m thrilled to see this today!

Ian Cleary’s Neuro Nugget Top Tips for Recovery on YouTube!!!! Yay!

And what a great topic, the labelling of the pain experience, is it physical, is it psychological, what is it?!