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Injured workers, here comes the royal commission we’ve been waiting for

Senate Passes Resolution Calling For Royal Commission Into Banking Industry

Injured workers, if there’s just one more email or letter to write, it’s this one to Senator John Williams. I’ll personally be sending all my insurance related posts to the Senator.

(Hansard transcript of Senate debate on the Banking and Financial Services motion.)

Senator WONG (South Australia—Leader of the Opposition in the Senate) (12:25): I move:


(a) the Senate notes that:

(i) confidence and trust in the financial services industry has been shaken by ongoing revelations of scandals, which have resulted in tens of thousands of Australians being ripped off, including:

and further down the post

Senator GALLAGHER: And only a royal commission that you, Senator Williams, have been arguing for, for some time. The response from the government has been completely inadequate. Listen to the stories of those people whose lives have been affected, whose houses have been lost, whose retirement savings have vanished, whose businesses have folded and who have been arguing for years—eight to 10 years, for some people—for some sense of justice. This is what this motion seeks and that is what a royal commission will find.

… read the full transcript of the Senate debate.
Write to Senator John Williams (senator.williams@aph.gov.au)

My email to Senator Williams written 28 December, 2016

(The email also included many of my insurance related posts)

Dear Senator Williams,

I am a self employed injured worker. My ordeal has gone on nearly 10 years. My husband and I have just begun a new life in Queenscliff after having to sell our home and move from our beloved family, friends and community in Collingwood where we lived for 17 years.

I’ve experienced horrid treatment as an injured worker but the ultimate blow came when we had to sell our home because of an insurer excuse that to this day I still can’t really understand (neither can the Ombudsman, my lawyer or a friend’s contact working at the Vic Bar). I’m sure you will understand it and certainly the Ombudsman’s report, point 385 helped shed some light but unfortunately I’m still here without any compensation or treatment help and worst of all, my chronic pain continues.

I’m doing everything I can to live with my health issue and so is my husband – we’ve even started a new business that is completely customised to my abilities in the attempt we can work. Everything is on the line.

Below are all the posts I’ve written on my website. It’s the only way I felt I could communicate what was happening and help others in the process.

I’d happily speak up anywhere, anytime, and you are welcome to use any of the following information to argue the horrid experiences injured workers have had to bare.

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  1. Jake July 30, 2019 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    I’m a injured worker and have been subjected to the psychological abuse from Gio and have had medical fraud committed by the case manager this includes forging my signature and false documents to release medical documents harassment towards a treating doctor who has decided not to treat me as a patient due to the harassment towards his own medical judgement.
    False investigation into 2nd employment and refusing to correct the pre injury weekly average benifits to the right amount.
    Making up false act’s under the work cover legislation to cease benifits.
    Bullying from case manager and team members higher up.
    New medical clinic was contacted by email requesting medical notes with false documents advised that I have given permission he contacted Gio back advising that the documents are not correct and that it was a breach of the medical privacy Act to request documents under a false or misleading request but was happy to supply anything after his patient Has given him permission.
    A later attempt to cover up falsified signatures was made and the job rehab provider who was instructed to slip in the release form in between other documents she came Clean and informed that she was requested to brake the law and supplied a email from Gio requesting to try and get myself to fill out the documents with other documents with out my knowledge.
    Medical information was also requested and was falsified by the rehab provider this was a request from the insurance company and 4 separate doctors were mislead to supply medical history illegally and have all apologies for breach of privacy.
    My case has been stressful and all I want is to continue working with my original pre injury duty’s.
    My legal counsel have informed me that this is the worst case of bad behaviour from a insurance company they have seen.
    I’ve been close to suicide on many occasions after a massive fight with the system ment to look after a injured worker finally got the balls to end my life taking all my medication to finally be free from the stressful situation I was subjected to.
    I was found unconscious and received medical intervention I was hesitate to ask for help or admit that I was trying to commit suicide to my family or friends they all had no idea how bad things were I was receiving help but the doctor who was treating me had quite because the insurance company was also bullying him and apologize he wrote a letter saying I’m unable to treat …. As I’m under extreme stress caused by work cover and am unable to continue to treat my patients work injury and suicidal thoughts he needs to find another doctor who can help with the treatment
    Two days later after trying to get help decide to follow up with the thoughts.
    If I was never found I would not be able to have my case used as a example of a massive culture of Case manager’s not following the good faith policy.
    I hope that soon legislation is written to have the people who are involved to face criminal charges for their actions along with the provider also facing charges.
    I am not alone in this system that has destroyed many good people’s lives and I would like to see a royal commission into the case’s that injured workers have taken there own lives and if it’s found that the insurance company has caused serious mental health issues and miscellaneous to cause the death of a injured worker that criminal charges for causing the death of a injured worker be subjected to a imprisonment team along with the insurance company’s Lic to be permanently suspended maybe this will cause the system to take the intended pathway it was set up for to care for a injured humans instead of rewards offered to employees to cease the medical care needed if you are a insurance case manager reading this ask your self would it happened to you because your fellow workers are not interested in your life only looking for a bonus to prevent cover.

  2. Glenda Saville September 30, 2018 at 8:05 am - Reply

    When is a Royal Commision going to happen regarding Workers Compensation? Urgently needed. The system as it stands is corrupt. The banking Royal Commission did not take WorkCover. This needs a seperate commission. Looking into how workplace bullying is handled, policies and procedures, HR, Fair Work, insurance companies, WIRO, icare, SafeWork, doctors and lawyers.

    • Soula Mantalvanos September 30, 2018 at 12:39 pm - Reply

      I was hopeful the banking commission was going to extend to all insurances but it didn’t. Absolutely need one and I still sent my email off. It is very unfair and in fact works against long term injured workers. As a self employer I see it from both sides and it’s pretty ugly. Nearly destroyed our lives. There was talk that the banking commission should be extended and that they are getting off very easily by only being investigated for a year. So many voices won’t be heard… how is that fair? It’s just shocking all round and it all comes down to greed! I really appreciate your comment.

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