Art & Chronic Pain - A Self Portrait

(Image from my book, Art & Chronic pain – A Self Portrait)

I’m going to erupt!

I feel I’ve been left without any avenue to vent the poor treatment I’ve experienced as an injured worker. I can’t make it any simpler :

I had a work accident and after declaring I had a p/t work capacity, I’m now left with $0.

That’s $0.

  • $0 financial help for any future treatment (currently undergoing thousands worth)
  • $0 wage top up
  • $0 superannuation
  • 0% return to work training or assistance
  • 0% guidance, and
  • 0° (except for this blog) to reasonably seek the promised help that I personally paid a 100% premium for in Victoria.

Wait, I have more to vent and please stay with me because you’re my only avenue remember?

In the process of seeking a new way of life where I might be able to work (oh yes, it’s all on the line here), my chronic pain uprooted Theo and I, (and Zephyr) in order to live within my capacity’s means. That’s putting myself in a place where I only needed to cross one road to get to work, made sure necessities were nearby as I can’t drive, and live where things are not city mad so that my sensory pain is most at ease.

That means; away from everyone and all the surrounds Theo and I knew.

Begin again…

… and begin paying a Workcover premium as well [enter swearwords here].

Would you do it? You would at least want to complain somewhere right? You’re in my shoes, you’re 46 (almost), you live in the lucky country, Australia and you need to work. You need to be responsible and prepare for your senior years…you have to pay for your treatment and to live.

You have days you can’t do much, you need help with a lot of things every day and from now on, you’re going to miss out on family/friend’s occasions because you need to save that capacity to work.

I paid the premium and all the insurance. It’s in someone else’s pocket. I’ll never get it. I’d have to go through another comedy of errors!  I physically couldn’t do that again. To me it was like I was being pushed to the edge by the system. And I actually almost jumped off, giving away what health I had left to keep fighting.

My new beginning was the other choice. We sold our home, the one I told Theo they’d carry me out of in a box because I loved it so much.

We loved it so much. It’s gone. Home – gone… and to top that, I just have to zip it.

I hear the news. Discrimination is not to be tolerated (apparently) in this country, neither is unfair treatment (apparently). We are a forward thinking country (apparently) and we are coming down especially on those that abuse, mistreat and bully…. apparently.

Apparently we have Workers Compensation in this country too so that if you have a workplace accident, you’re insured.


Eruption complete!