I wasn’t going to say anything about my experience with the intense thunderstorms we had in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, but the more I think about it the more I think I should share. Given I used to get feelings of ‘surges through my spine’ from loud noises, frightening sounds (yes, even in movies!), from vibrations, from singing, etc etc prior to my implant and latest nerve blocks, I realise this might be an informative experience to share.

What happened?

I was walking to my studio from where I had a clear view to the sky through our balcony doors when the largest strike and thunder occurred that honestly seemed like it had come through the doors and landed on our kitchen bench a few centimetres away from me. I flinched, sort of ducked in some auto response and next thing I knew I was on my knees and had fallen to the ground. My legs were so weak Theo had to lift me off the floor and we made it to the couch where I chilled, a little terrified for a while. At that point I couldn’t piece together what had happened, even now I’m not sure it was all so quick, but the fact remains, I landed somehow on my knees with the back of my legs feeling like jelly unable to stand me up.

I can only describe the pain and experience as ‘a lightening strike to the pelvis’. It honestly felt like I was hit and the surge travelled up my spine. I know I wasn’t hit by lightning and I know that sounds insane…

The next day, I consulted google about lightning strikes (as if I’d take this conversation to a professional), and not that I felt I’d had a direct hit, but I was curious to find more info. I found a very interesting article explaining what hapens to the body if struck by lightning. Here’s an excerpt:

The circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems are most commonly affected when a person is struck by lightning:

Nervous: When the central nervous system is affected, a number of side effects can occur such as dementia, amnesia, temporary paralysis, impaired reflexes, memory gaps and anxiety or depression.

So what’s my point?

Fear! And how it affects pelvic pain, well mine at least! I can’t know if this issue is Pudendal Neuralgia related or related to another part of my injured pelvis, but I begin to wonder how much more this pain will affect my body as time goes on. It raises lots of questions and more fear, certainly the last thing someone in Chronic Pain needs.

I attempt to be positive, mostly but at times like these… pelvic pain gets a little scary.