Fatty TailClosure really is something. Feeling like a niggling concern is finally put to rest can be so satisfying, it brings me such calm.  Slowly, my pelvic chronic pain niggles are finding their place and providing me with the peace my body and mind needs so I can let go, move on and most of all feel my injury is clearly understood.

I had another session with the wonderful Raffaele who continues to treat me fortnightly. I was ready to call the next nerve block last week but after yesterday I’m hopeful again and thinking I was in some kind of a flare. I can’t expect (but I will!) that with my effective management flare ups will cease to happen. As I test my capacity and lift my full litres of milk occasionally, walk the dog and go out more often, I’ve got to expect at some point the body is going to say, ‘hang on love, you’re lifting too much milk!’

So I presented this fear to Raffaele who directed his acupuncture closely around my tail this time. It immediately made me think of my previously named, ‘fatty tail’ and I thought to ask what a white looking coccyx says to Traditional Chinese Medicine since Western Medicine puts it down to fatty tissue or the difference between being a brunette or blonde (yes, I know what you’re thinking, I’m a brunette with a blonde tail). Well Raffaele said otherwise, ‘We see this on an MRI quite often after a woman has given birth, a trauma to…’ I finished his sentence, ‘the pelvis’. AAAAh, did you feel that? The weight lift off my tail, the closure and acknowledgment? Raffaele elaborated, ‘The tissue presents differently…’ Oh bliss, BLISS.

So there you have it for all those surfing, as I did, in search of ‘white coccyx on MRI’ and ‘Dr says fatty tail’, this post is for you! (And obviously very much for me).