Victorian Government: Don’t raid WorkSafe’s surplus

Why This Is Important

The WorkSafe surplus is under threat from the Victorian Government. Premier Ted Baillieu wants to rip out $471.5 million over four years from the WorkCover Authority, known as WorkSafe, so he can balance the State Budget.
WorkSafe administers WorkCover for Victorian workers. A reduction in funds is bad for workers and bad for Victoria. This is an unprecedented move. The WorkSafe surplus should be used to ensure our workplaces are safe, injured workers are compensated fairly, and that employers’ premiums are as low as possible.

The WorkSafe surplus is not there to be plundered by a Government that is having trouble balancing its budget, it is there to make our workplaces safe and fairly compensate workers if there are injured.
Maurice Blackburn has been looking out for the best interests of injured workers for more than 90 years. We’ve started this petition to send a strong message to the Victorian Government: don’t raid the WorkSafe surplus.

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I can’t believe Ted Baillieu found one more way to make the system worse than it already is! How about ‘ripping’ out shonky investigations and shonky Independent Medical Examiners, you’d gain more than 471.5 million!