I’m not sure if I can write this, I’ll soon find out I guess, but it’s my honest to goodness opinion from my experience as an injured worker with an active claim since March 2007, that our system is a circus! (I’ve already put it in writing to the Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips our Workcover Minister who you can directly voice your opinion to also via email here).

(hit play if you would like the full circus effect)

It leaves me confused. This is no Cirque du Soleil quality, there’s nothing spectacular here, I’m one of a huge crowd just leaving my money at the door. Most of the performers are really standard, they stare into space, none make eye contact, and they’re lifeless, bored, systematic, just doing their job and following the circus owner’s ancient instructions.

I believe getting better and getting back to work is my priority, my ‘job’ pardon the pun, and there hasn’t been a day I haven’t tried to do this. What makes me write this article however, is the disappointment when I get a ticket in the mail and have to attend the circus. It’s a boulder in my way to recovery, a performance I don’t need to watch, nor is it good for me, in fact the performers don’t care about me, never really look into my eyes and focus on my path so I can speed up to my mission. No, they slow me down in fact, add more and more performances for me to watch, they even get me to perform at some!!!!

My intention for this post is good, I mean no disrespect to all the individual, independent (I love that word!) organisations and bodies who, even though must abide by the circus owner’s instructions, are there to ‘independently’ assist me as best they can, and at times, I’ve had a couple of great performers, but, as time goes by and I become an older (more expensive) client, they in turn become helpless to my mission and the circus comes to town more often.

I’ve found great pain relief now, I’m on a great path and I was excited, I called to share my resource thinking this was great news for other injured workers also but no… my resource doesn’t fit the act, she’ll never perform in this circus tent.

As a result, and like many other injured workers, I’m left to pay for my own medical expenses now. I received another ticket to the circus, but I just can’t do it, I can’t go to one more show and I called the ‘independent’ body to say I’m giving up, there’s no point in seeing the next show because, as he explained to me, I’d have to go to one of two more performances to fight my cause after attending the initial circus. Oh, I’m tired, enough with the acts, too many clowns for my liking. I want to save my energy for my mission. I want to get better and go back to work, is anyone listening?

And to make you laugh even more, I even paid for my own insurance, I was self employed. Yep, but I get something very special for that, I get extra letters!!! Anytime the circus comes to town one letter comes to me (the injured worker) and one more to me, (the employer) it’s very entertaining!

It isn’t really funny… actually, saddest of all, if the acts were of better quality, tailored their show more, made eye contact, listened to their audience, I would have had a better shot at recovery and maybe even been back at work by now.

Did anyone hear me? Did anyone in the circus read my story? Please comment below, I’m sure injured workers would love to hear from you.