So many great things happen when you turn 50!

Here are some friends I didn’t expect to pop around. But then again, with all the resting on the toilet, endless spasms of the bowel, the disruption to toileting due to Pudendal Neuralgia, I should have expected this!

Surprisingly (and the reason I’m bothering to share these not so glamorous details) is that the treatment I’ve tried for the suddenly vocal rectal friends is so soooooothing in more ways than directed.

Again, it totally makes sense that all the goodness in this vaseline type ointment is going to numb more than the haemorrhoid pain.

If you have issues with the rectal branch of your Pudendal Nerve, then this might be of use.

I’m not a specialist but I have certainly spoken to one to check things out. This type of ointment can be used on/off. It is not recommended for use longer than 6 – 12 months as it may impact the skin around the rectal area.

That’s sad. This is so effective.

There is an applicator if you need it. It totally set off the ugly head of my Pudendal Nerve. But with careful pacing of the application process, I have now conquered! That in itself reiterated (again) the importance of pacing.

I went from immense fear of trying this, to facing the much-needed treatment, sucking up the pain and having to sleep (after the first application), to then napping (after about the third application), to now fantastic comfort and relief after application. And all is settling down now.

Apparently this ointment is available in various brand names but the specialist I spoke to mentioned they are all mostly the same thing.

My mind now goes to using something like this to get through and enjoy a lovely, long lunch or dinner. Or maybe it’ll be great for a car ride! Maybe it’s just for the nights that rectal branch is having a fit and I need a good night’s sleep.

However, whenever, I thought it was worth sharing.