Um, I don’t think so!

And yet, the case manager insists that the agent has a right to request my full clinical file and it is up to my medical provider to determine what information she (in this case) releases.

We’re talking about my GP.

I have no issue with my private information being shared among health professionals.


WorkSafe Agents, WorkSafe, the Accident Conciliation Compensation Service (ACCS), WorkCover Assist, and any ‘professional’ involved with this mob, just don’t come under my ‘health professionals’ banner.

  1. Not after the abuse of information I’ve experienced.
  2. Not after the lack of care they’ve shown and continue to show, and
  3. Not after their total misunderstanding (or rather an ignorance) of my case.

If you dress well – this system assumes you couldn’t possibly have a health issue.

If you speak well, there’s no way you have suffered trauma.

If you manage to stay alive through your darkest moments, they assume you can forfeit your compensation.

When you are honest and remain transparent, they only abuse your information.

It’s all very clear to me after 12 years. I understand the system is about avoiding liability and not about providing insurance, care and a way to help injured workers return to work (where possible). But it still infuriates me that Australia has such a vile system.

It infuriates me that people work within this system abiding by these rules.


Information not related to the injury

I have a great GP. I was contacted immediately and asked how I would like her to respond to the request.

I said I had no issue with related information being handed over but non-related information from non-WorkCover appointments was not to be shared.

I haven’t signed the form the insurer mailed (detail attached). Not even after they sent a copy of my original signature from 2007 when I signed the original claim form and insisted that I do.

Not even after their repeated insistence to point out the following information that states:

A hospital service (to me) in connection with the injury to which this claim relates, (to give) information regarding the service relevant this claim’ may be requested.

And the reason why is because in their own terms they state the authority request is for ‘relevant’ information.

What does WorkSafe Say?

Given WorkSafe is the body that lay down the rules for all the agents, they stated (to Theo) on the phone:

All files may be requested as there may be ‘elements’ of information in files from consultations not conducted for the claim about the injury and we can email freedom of information with the question (

One word sums this up… bullies! And one sentence: they’re always investigating for a way to avoid liability – never looking for ways to help an injured Australian worker.

And how is it, they can request this information for FREE!?

Does this bother me? Not an ounce. I write this post for other injured workers. You can say no! You can complain!

I no longer fear this system. I’ve lost all respect… I will not make it easy for them to do their filthy work.