PainTrain has followed Pain Revolution very closely over the years and its this research with Soula’s experience that has driven the PainTrain concept.

We love having your support all the way Soula! Your voice is so needed and loved, and your work on PainTrain – My Health Summary is exceptional.

– Pain Revolution

Pain Revolution’s research and efforts are truly inspiring a revolution in the chronic pain field.

Pain Revolution understand the need for behaviour and attitude change because they see pain research first hand. Their endless efforts to educate the world, along with their findings are making a huge impact on professionals and this is now slowly filtering on to patients.

If you’re already interested in PainTrain as a professional, or you are a registered user on PainTrain then you should know that your enthusiasm is bringing on a better way to manage pain. You’re a leader!

What other pain resources do Pain Revolution think are best?