Theo and I celebrate our 20 year anniversary today. 10 of those years we’ve had to unwillingly share with chronic pain, 5 of which, I can totally admit I was not really present.

Celebrations are so hard because you can never celebrate the way you used to.

You can’t celebrate the way you want to either.

Even if 10 years have gone by, I know for sure that Theo and I would have had suitcases ready now and we’d be planning a great trip overseas to mark our anniversary as well as our birthdays which all fall in November.

We’ll travel again but just can’t now.

I don’t want to be melancholy. We will celebrate today and have a very special dinner tonight. Out. Outside of my 1km radius.

The reason for my post, is to acknowledge the extraordinary man I married and to share the message I wrote on his card today – it really will be ’til death do us part’.

If a couple can survive living with a chronic illness, they’ll survive almost anything I think!

Happy anniversary babe. The worst, surely must be over.