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Act 3 – explained


Big day for me today. Thank you to the Victorian Ombudsman and to all the injured workers who spoke up.

…Sadly too late – won’t bring our beautiful home and life back.

Act 3: Home lost to these vile insurer (and WorkSafe Victoria supported), unjust actions:

‘At interview, one former agent employee said that management placed pressure on staff to maintain decisions at conciliation and to not pay compensation past a certain date. This was to ensure the agent did not ‘breach’ their ‘targets’.

Read the article and full investigation, Investigation into the management of complex workers compensation claims and WorkSafe oversight on the Victorian Ombudsman’s website

Also worth reading: WorkSafe: complex claims process needs fixing


  • beaglemum

    Ohhh this sounds so familiar! I went to a conciliation hearing to try to get my payments reinstated, and I had an advocate with me who said they thought I had a strong case. I lost! The advocate was very surprised because she really thought I’d win. I hate dealing with my insurer, they will do all that they can to avoid paying anything. We needed a new mattress, my doctor asked for the insurance company to do an assessment. They sent out an OT. She said yes, I definitely needed a new mattress. But then when I got the report, she said they wouldn’t pay for the new mattress, as my husband also has a back injury and therefore we’d need one anyway! So if I didn’t sleep with my husband, or if I wasn’t married, they would’ve paid! I was so angry.

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