Don’t be fooled by the ‘human’ looking disguise, deep down the ‘p.i.’ male or female can usually be seen dressed well and in a car parked on your street. He/she could be eating in the car, perhaps holding a camera or look dumb founded and staring into space if you suddenly look their way. He/she can’t reveal truth, in fact if you actually get to speak to one they may call themselves an ‘assessor’ and make out they like you, they’re ‘here for you’. It’s their duty, their prerequisite to be sneaky, unsuspecting, appear resourceful, detective like, goodness they even believe that they’re honest and fulfilling their duty (!!!!!!!!), yes they’ll say they’re catching the baddies!

But dear ‘p.i.’, you won’t fool anyone who has an insurance claim… you’re clear as day to us, we know you really look like this behind your disguise. You are, in fact… a clown.