Since March 2007 I can say I’ve had two professional case managers. This doesn’t mean they were able to help me, let’s face it they’re hands are legislationly tied, and they only have a couple of random, template suggestions for you every time you need support, and one of those is usually a cop out like this:

“Soula do you know how many people want to shut their business down and live off the Government payroll?”.

I even got an accidental reply after complaining about my insurer’s request to send me to more unnecessary Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s) just 6 months after a Medical Panel Opinion stated I was indefinitely unfit for duty. The message was obviously meant to go to my Case Manager’s superior but accidentally came back to me. Oops!

“I wonder what set her off today.
Do you think I should respond or let her cool off ????”

Very telling of the Insurer’s work environment and their attitude to injured workers.

But you can tell which case managers have empathy and care, and want to help you. In my first phase of Workcover I had a lot of support but something changed after becoming a ‘long term client’. I only had one more case manager who I could say really tried to help me… One since 2008!!!

High staff turn over, to me, translated as ‘Insurer has a care factor of 0‘ or more so ‘dumped me‘. It also tells me how grueling the job must be and that’s no surprise to anyone who’s dealt with the system.

My current status is limbo… no case manager!

How many case managers have you had?