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Interpretive Dance about living with IC & Pelvic Pain


 Interpretive Dance about living with IC & Pelvic Pain

An incredibly effective form of communication for Internal Cystitis (IC) and Pelvic Chronic Pain.

Certainly captures everything I’ve felt and everything I hope; release those chains! And how true that they are depicted with such weight. Absolutely loved this. Donna Massa-Chappee congratulations. Thank you for expressing this so clearly, for your understanding and for taking the time to help others.

Watch the YouTube movie: Interpretive Dance about living with IC & Pelvic Pain

Artist’s statement:

An interpretive dance using the combination of modern dance and classical ballet to express the trials and tribulations of living with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and Pelvic Pain Disorders. It is about a women who has been diagnosed with IC and experiences an incredible dream. In her dream she relives every emotional detail of fighting through chronic pain: frustration, isolation and embarrassment. During the dance there are symbolic props used to identify with the symptomatic problems she endures when dealing with these disorders. In the middle of the dream the woman surrenders to acceptance, letting go of its grip, and moves on to the final stages of the healing process resulting in joy, happiness and freedom. In the finale of this piece, during the awakening stage of her dream, the woman expresses an uplifting revelation of bliss, for there is no more anguish and pain or the chains that once bound her…

This Dance Video was created to inform and inspire all the many young girls and women throughout the world who suffer with these debilitating disorders, and to know that there is truly a rainbow at the end of your horizon. For information regarding this video please view the credits at the end of the video, they are important! Please share this video and spread awareness…

In Peace, Love & Unity

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