8am – 12noon tradies here ‘fixing’ heating/cooling unit (making noise, causing disruption and breaking much-needed silence).

+ Phone calls, all day (important, relating to mum’s future care plan).

+ Huge tree on nature strip is splitting. Council team arrive with arborist to lighten the tree’s top load until it can be removed Monday – NOISE outside the studio!

+ Toilet function disrupted as a result of unusual morning routine. Back and forth to the toilet further sets things off.

+ Forced myself into the routine afternoon walk. I wanted the vitamin D – it was beautiful today.

+ Needed to wash hair (that’s a longer shower).

+ Accidental other noises today.

= 5:30 I’m on the couch with screaming, broken feet.

Talking to self: ‘Sleep Soula, just sleep. You’ll be able to sleep tonight – don’t worry about disrupting your night sleep now, you really need the nervous system reset’.

Nap. Nap. Better.

Theo lights the fire, glass of red wine out and heat bag on my feet (first ever time). A little better still (keep coming!).

6:15 I’m up..ish. Feet broken. ‘C’mon move!’

6:30 dinner.

7:30 brief post (mostly dot points).

8:10 back on the couch.

New jigsaw puzzle will have to wait. Art will have to wait. Phone out of the question for rest of the evening, strictly important calls only tomorrow with short morning/afternoon walks. Must go back a little to reset properly.

This my dear followers is a result of heading into Melbourne and being ‘brave’ (see why I hate that word!) trying to practice yoga 2 x this week because it was too windy/wet to walk.


Should be ok on Monday when remaining tree has to be removed.

Happy weekend.