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I made a gallery

True! Theo and I made a huge life move as many of you have read.

Our transition began over a year ago when we escaped to Tasmania to figure out how to manage life with chronic pain.

It was the best thing we did even though terrifying at the time.

In just over a year, we have spent four months in Tasmania, returned to our dear Collingwood, sold our warehouse sanctuary, removed ourselves from our main business (as it was impossible for me to do the previous design work), planned a new lifestyle, and began a new venture with the utmost faith and backing of some very dear arty friends and some special few design clients.

Again, terrifying.

I also underwent some new treatment and am now 4 weeks post op. I’m well and working.

It hurts, but mostly it’s great. It’s new and I’m loving the fact my brain has no idea what I’m doing and hasn’t had the time to catch on.

I hope my brain stays this way.

But the real reason I’m writing this post is because I want to share my gallery rules. Actually, there’s only one rule…

There will be no pain speak (effective at all times).

And if anyone breaks the rules, be prepared, I’ll be kicking you out.

I can’t think of anything worse than talking about pain at the best (or should I say worst) of times let alone after having changed my whole life in order to move on.

This is the best I (we) can do, and have done, to manage, and I want to keep doing my best. That means, pain talk is completely out of bounds – well that’s how I manage chronic pain – by giving it much less attention than it demands.

Please, allow me to get on with it.

The gallery we made is, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W), and is housed in an 1868 Wesleyan Church which Theo and I thought was fitting for the traditional discipline we mostly chose to exhibit, printmaking.

We will also have artists running small art and printmaking workshops in our two additional workshop spaces.

On with living then… see you in the gallery for some art speak!QG&W Art workshop space

Qgw print studio


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  1. Lisa December 29, 2015 at 6:29 pm - Reply

    Congratulations Soula! (And Theo) on your new venture! Your Gallery sounds amazing, I look forward to visiting one day. I live in Geelong, just down the road! My Son is an Artist also.
    I’m also pleased you have gone ahead with the stimulator. I have had two in my time, first time, the Boston, second time, a Nevro. I’m very pleased with the extra tool in my Arsenal. Every thing that can help I’m up for!
    Like you, I have recently relocated to a new home, we downsized to a townhouse without steps. Sadly giving up what we thought would be our last home. I was an Interior Designer/Decorator. We loved our home. After renovating many for business purposes, the last one was done for us to stay in. I’d adjusted certain areas for my needs, thinking things were as bad as they were going to get for me physically, however, it was not the case. So with great regret we had to face facts and be realistic about our future, and one last move.
    No more waking to the Sun rising, or laying in bed with the stars shining, our bedroom was particularly beautiful, a sanctuary for me, having to lay down as much as I do. It was in a wonderful position , with a deck, large windows at either end. But, as I said, the House, our home, over- all, no longer suitable due to the continued degeneration of my condition. Too many steps, too much maintainance with a Pool etc. my children have gone now…..but I honestly believed I’d be well enough to sustain living in this house when we chose to make it special and unique for ourselves. It was very hard to say goodbye. Chronic Pain costs so much more than one can imagine.
    However, I was thrilled to read your post! Thrilled to read of your new life in Queenscliff, a beautiful town. I know you and Theo will be happy there. The Gallery will prosper! The classes sound fun, I may even do one myself in the future.

    I’m still in the process of moving, there is much to be done. It is a slow process as I need to consider carefully how I want my environment to be, my home is everything to me, it’s my Canvas. Artistically, you will understand this side of me. Our new home is of a different Arcitectual era than the previous …. So I’m up for inspiration and I love that. Funnily, our home prior to the last was Church I renovated into a home! I loved that project!
    I’m off overseas in the new year for stem cell treatment. Soula, I pray this gives me some relief . If I only get ‘true’ quality sleep from it. I will be grateful. For then, my brain, heart, nervous system will get rest and I will cope better with the nerve pain. Wish me luck. I’m with you, moving forward…..I’m launching myself into 2016 like an Arrow! I may have been pulled back, but now the force has built up and its energy is pushing full force into the universe! I feel excited for new beginnings ……best Wishes to you and Theo, & the Man who stands strong beside me, we are warriors in this world of Chronic Pain. 🎆

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