March 1, 2007 my life changed in a massive way.

I’m not one for getting tense about anniversaries – it’s all too emotional and I feel it holds me back allowing pain to consume more of my life than it already does.

So moving on very quickly, I’ll point out the great commitment to become a fine advocate for people in pain and use my communication and creative skills to better the world of pain.

I know you know that!

This 11 year anniversary, I’m asking you for a contribution in return for the work I do.

I want to mark my 11 year anniversary with something brilliant, instead of focusing on the obvious tough stuff.

By the end of this month I want to raise $1,000 by encouraging my followers to be part of a Pain Revolution.

One of the worlds best pain research teams, who are Australians I’d proudly like to add, are behind this idea.

I’m behind them.

I’d like you to get behind me.

Please, please, please, hit the button!

What is the Pain Revolution?

The Pain Revolution is a 7 day cycle tour from 11-18th April 2018, led by some of Australian’s leading pain scientists and clinicians. They are taking on their own physical challenge, riding their bikes from Sydney to Albury-Wodonga.


Exactly who gets the donation and where do the funds go?

By making a donation to the University of South Australia in support of Pain Revolution, you are helping us to raise desperately needed funds to support the development of accessible, community-based pain education programs for people living with persisting pain.

Yes! To the Pain Revolution, so I can Donate!