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Victorian Government: Don’t raid WorkSafe’s surplus

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The WorkSafe surplus is under threat from the Victorian Government. Premier Ted Baillieu wants to rip out $471.5 million over four years from the WorkCover Authority, known as WorkSafe, so he can balance the State Budget... Maurice Blackburn has been looking out for the best interests of injured workers for more than 90 years. We’ve started this petition to send a strong message to the Victorian Government: don’t raid the WorkSafe surplus... I signed it: "I can't believe Ted Baillieu found one more way to make the system worse than it already is! How about 'ripping' out shonky investigations and shonky Independent Medical Examiners, you'd gain more than 471.5 million!"

‘Chronic Pain Disorder’ medical panel opinion?

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What does it mean? From what I've gathered it basically means big general pain bucket and, its time to update the Wrongs Act 1958. And I'm stating very obvious information here because our Government has missed a very small detail... its 2012!!! ...Hello, anyone out there? If you are, it's time to update the Wrongs Act of 1958. Injured workers have injuries that can be addressed more appropriately, giving them a greater chance of getting back to work and lessening instances of permanent damage if the practitioners in the system can identify and use current information. (Or are you waiting for the 50 year anniversary?!!!)

Just a little paperwork!

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Quite a pile hey? I'm impressed myself, it's alot of documentation! In actual fact my husband has to pull these out when we need some 'reference' because they're so heavy. And there's so much more correspondence that I've received via email too, haven't printed that off! One day I'm going to make a great, big collage out of this pile (Eureka!). Thought about the bonfire but doesn't work in this case. It's something that needs to be seen to be believed. To be honest I look at it and admire my survival tactics.

Funniest of all…

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...And, they keep insisting that there are many Australian workers that want to be 'on the system', or as put especially for me, 'how many Australian's want to shut their businesses down and live off the Government's money'. I wonder where this comes from, are the WorkSafe agent employees trained to think that anyone on their payroll is dodgy? It certainly might explain why no one is compassionate, no one is empathetic, no one seems to understand, no one can answer a question appropriately, no one can make things happen for you, no one is interested (staff are here today gone tomorrow), all you get is lies, lies, lies or no answer, irrelevant treatment and judgement.

Straight from the horses mouth

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As this matter is currently going through the dispute resolution process provided by the Act, it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the specifics of your claim. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention and I hope this information clarifies the matter for you."

Has this person been following you?

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Don't be fooled by the 'human' looking disguise, deep down the 'p.i.' male or female can usually be seen dressed well and in a car parked on your street. He/she could be eating in the car, perhaps holding a camera or look dumb founded and staring into space if you suddenly look their way.

Independent Medical Examinations

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Well first I have to express my confusion with the use of the word 'independent' in an insurance system. Independent from who? Independent for who? And why, in my case, am I, the injured worker, being 'independently' examined? I'm not confused about my therapies, treatments, reports and diagnosis, I know what my situation is... if the insurer or insurer's superior has an issue with any of this info then shouldn't my practitioners be assessed?

The system… it’s a circus!

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I believe getting better and getting back to work is my priority, my 'job' pardon the pun, and there hasn't been a day I haven't tried to do this. What makes me write this article however, is the disappointment when I get a ticket in the mail and have to attend the circus. It's a boulder in my way to recovery, a performance I don't need to watch, nor is it good for me, in fact the performers don't care about me, never really look into my eyes and focus on my path so I can speed up to my mission. No, they slow me down in fact, add more and more performances for me to watch, they even get me to perform at some!!!!