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Performance ‘fit for modified duties’

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Did you all hear I'm back at work part time? Much thanks to our flexible home/office setup and Theo's immense help. Regardless, how lucky am I hey? But oops, hang on, I have to correct myself. It's not lucky for me, it's lucky for the WorkSafe Agent. And I must clarify because from their point of view I didn't get myself back to work, it had nothing to do with my research, the practitioners I found, their treatment and great therapies (or my hip pocket!). Nope, nothing to do with nerve blocks and medication, but rather, my high activity levels. Yeeees, I have been a full time artist and I've been caught red-handed!!! Well I'm sick of this crap! And this time, the story isn't going to end with me feeling anxious and swallowing those bits of paper, while the Investigators excuse themselves gutlessly with a letter marked 'Private and Confidential' that they send to the WorkSafe Agent. It's going to end here, on my blog. And I'm even going to have some fun while I'm at it! ...And if you're an investigator wanting to comment, don't bother! Your comments will be deleted. As I said, this time the story ends with me.

BUY The Big Issue

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"I've got to get to work, it might have been work... I have to get to Swanson Street... I sell The Big Issue". Yes, you read right... and to top it off I was kindly informed, in just a few stops, that I could buy a calendar too! I couldn't help myself, I asked, "Are you trying to sell me something on the tram?" We all laughed.

Back to life

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...please gear up with me, imagine the drum rolls and the biggest mountain you can imagine with me standing on the tippy top yelling because this IS real, IT'S true, IT'S official: I'M BACK AT WORK!!!!!!!" No, I've not overdosed on my medication and the stress of a chronic pain issue has not damaged me enough to be hallucinating.., I. AM (wiggling heaps but all the same). SITTING. IN. A (very nice ergonomic). CHAIR. TYPING. THIS. POST!!!!

John Quintner’s point of view

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I'm forever searching for a decent explanation as to why the AMA Guidelines used to assess injured workers in the WorkCover system are so poor and out of date, especially when it comes to assessing chronic pain (and in my case of pudendal neuralgia measures a total score of 0!!). Along my social media travels, searching for answers and researching for treatment or updated information regarding my condition, I have met John and had the pleasure of some great discussions. Dr John Quintner is a consultant physician in rheumatology and pain medicine and has kindly offered to share his published opinion on the matter. Thanks John! Personal injury compensation: lessons from Talmudic law, by John Quintner ...This article examines some of the principles upon which our personal injury compensation systems are based, in order to better understand why the process of tort litigation has itself become such a major factor in healthcare in modern societies...

Expired and fallen through the cracks

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After a few battles regarding my massage treatments, peripheral stimulation implant and finally receiving a letter form my WorkSafe agent stating I would no longer be receiving medical reimbursements/support, I began a hunt for a deserving explanation... But back to my main point, the answer I was seeking. I called the contact the Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips advised and it led to a conversation with my WorkSafe Agent's Injury Management Advisor (IMA) and for once, I seemed to be having an open and honest conversation with a WorkSafe Agent employee. It's hard to say it was honest because this system has taught me not to trust anyone, sadly. It felt like a great relief to be speaking to an educated, intelligent, experienced and capable person... I didn't get invalid and poor excuses or worse still, lies. Every point I made was dealt with and the conversation was about me, my case and my specific issues... ...the grand finale was that the IMA was going to answer why my medical expenses support had ceased?

Me, a case study! Pudendal Neuralgia-Masters Coursework

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The condition and existing barriers to management and practice My understanding of a 'syndrome' is that it seems to remain myth-like until serious research is undertaken and repeatedly produces the same findings in many patients. The Research for Pudendal Neuralgia is minimal worldwide, almost non-existent in Australia. Although specialists and therapists are documenting their work Pudendal Neuralgia can't seem to penetrate its existence in Western Medicine's Bible, and so it is unrecognised, misunderstood or ignored. So when my physiotherapist at The Women's Hospital mentioned Alesha Sayner and I heard she was compiling a presentation for her Masters specifically about Pudendal Neuralgia, I jumped at the opportunity to hand over all my experience knowing this is exactly what the issue desperately needed. I was even more enthusiastic that Alesha was interested in documenting WorkCover's understanding (not) and treatment (not) for injured worker's with the issue. Thank you Alesha Sayner and The Women's Hospital for this huge first step, so crucial to Australian sufferers of Pudendal Neuralgia, such therapy for me too!

Case Management Society of Australia… are WorkSafe Agents complying?

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What would injured Australian workers do without the wonderful WorkCoverVictim'sDiary website, who alerted me to the Case Management Society of Australia(amongst some other goodies like 'the Deed' between WorkCover and all the Suppliers of delivery of the System!!! and The Ombudsman's report that shows the many breaches... hello, hello!)... One 'ethical' point:

  • The Case Manager will consider the best interests of the client as paramount at all times
In this point, is the 'client' the injured worker or WorkSafe? From my experience, it's clearly WorkSafe and when it comes to this ethical standard, my case managers are right on the money! No treatment for me, more dollars for WorkSafe...

Thanks Erin Brockovich for supporting injured workers

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It's starting to happen, there's a little stir... injured workers are speaking up. And they're getting noticed. Thank you to the brilliant WorkCoverVictim (and my cyber friend - well how else to injured workers meet!?), and your team for supporting injured workers through your brilliant website. You deserve your visit from THE Erin Brockovich... Erin Brockovich, you revived some injured workers today. THANK YOU.

Published and about to be heard!

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Thank you Graphis, The International Journal of Visual Communication, for publishing my political poster.

Australia's WorkSafe system needs a serious update for the sake of Employers, Workers and Tax Payers. I'm hoping to get enough views to be published in the Graphis Annual and send a personally signed copy to our WorkSafe Minister.

Victorian Government: Don’t raid WorkSafe’s surplus

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The WorkSafe surplus is under threat from the Victorian Government. Premier Ted Baillieu wants to rip out $471.5 million over four years from the WorkCover Authority, known as WorkSafe, so he can balance the State Budget... Maurice Blackburn has been looking out for the best interests of injured workers for more than 90 years. We’ve started this petition to send a strong message to the Victorian Government: don’t raid the WorkSafe surplus... I signed it: "I can't believe Ted Baillieu found one more way to make the system worse than it already is! How about 'ripping' out shonky investigations and shonky Independent Medical Examiners, you'd gain more than 471.5 million!"