Injured workers, here comes the royal commission we’ve been waiting for

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"Listen to the stories of those people whose lives have been affected, whose houses have been lost... who have been arguing for years—eight to 10 years, for some people—for some sense of justice."

My life as it is within Workers’ Compensation – it’s a dog’s breakfast

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In my current state of bewilderment, this may be the best way I can describe my life as it is today. I shouldn’t bag a dog’s breakfast, as unlike that which the workers’ [...]

A new workers compensation programme in South Australia

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I met Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson advocating an online forum for injured workers. She spoke in a way I'd never heard before, she spoke to me about support, empathy and trust, the ways an [...]

Increasing employment opportunities for people with disability

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Increasing employment opportunities for people with disability. Minister Shorten seeks proposals on ways to boost employment participation for people with disability, discussion paper seeking public views on how best to achieve reform. The discussion paper, Improving Employment Participation of People with Disability, seeks public views on how to best achieve reform, including: • how to promote and improve equality for people with disability in employment and in the workplace • how to support employers to identify and remove barriers to full and equal participation of people with disability • how to promote the removal of all forms of discrimination on the basis of a persons’ disability • how to improve workplace consultation between employers and employees on issues concerning people with disability in the workplace • how to improve the productivity and competitiveness of Australian business through the advancement of people with disability in the workplace. The Government would like to hear from all interested parties, including: • people with disability, their families, carers and community representatives • employers and employer representatives • current Employment Service Providers • state and local governments • unions and other employee representative groups

The Return to Work Knowledge Base

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Research on the subject of returning to work after an illness or injury has been identified and translated into simple English here. The articles are written in an easy to read format with perspectives on the evidence presented for Employees, Employers, Health Professionals and Insurers.

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