About soula

I am an artist and creative director.
For eight years chronic pain has consumed mine and my husband’s life.
BUT, I am now returning to my creativity with the assistance of modern day therapies. I’m using expression as a catharsis and coping mechanism and as a pathway for the restoration of my ‘self’.

Am I safe to move? Professor Lorimer Moseley: New understanding of pain and focusing on the patient

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I know the science is tricky to understand but please listen to this interview. Not only is it important for your brain and as a patient/consumer, but there is a critical suggestion in this podcast for you and what you [...]

Australian researchers combine cultural practices with pain management | SBS News

By | 2017-12-11T09:47:00+00:00 November 3rd, 2017|Professional Resources|

What great hope this pain management team provide. And I can’t help but think, well, ‘der’! I’m not being rude, but if professionals were able to understand the cultural background of the patient, and talk with them, not to them, [...]

Trust me, I’m a patient: pain education for professionals from a lay perspective

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Unfortunately, it is all too common for the professional not to listen to the patient and not to believe in their pain. The focus on the ‘relief of suffering’ has almost got lost in modern medicine’s search for diagnosis and cure. It is hard enough to be coping with pain, but terrifying not to be believed when one goes for help. It should not take months of suffering and inadequate (or no) pain relief before a patient finally gets to a pain clinic.

Destigmatising invisible illnesses, creativity and work

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The arts can be difficult to navigate at the best of times, but what if your particular challenges are invisible? Here's how the sector can pay attention, remove the stigma and better support individuals. One of the arts industry's most [...]