PainTrain My Health Summary is growing up and I would love your insight to guide me through this very important growth spurt.

As you might know, I founded PainTrain MHS to help people living with chronic pain and their health team/s communicate more effectively and more easily.

The online health world has changed since 2014 when I founded the resource and so too has my dream – I want to help even more people.

With just a rename and a facelift, PainTrain MHS can help summarise the unique experience for people who live with other chronic health conditions like Dementia, Stroke, Trauma and also Aged Care.

I would love your feedback to guide me through this important process. More specifically, I’m seeking your advice on colouring and naming –what are your thoughts on My Health CV (example below), My Health History, My Health Files or My Health Story?

Thank you in advance… there’s a perk in it for helping me out! I cannot wait to receive your feedback and direction!

I’d love to help!


My Health CV Body Map