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As health tech creeps up in the medical industry, it’s becoming clearer healthcare’s direction is changing and PainTrain MHS are thrilled that people are finally being placed in the driver’s seat.

Patients: have you thought about trying to enhance your voice at appointments? Have you wanted to tell your story your way and elaborate on the version your General Practitioner writes in the referral letter? Do you feel unheard during ongoing appointments and that no one truly understands your situation?

Practitioners: have you been left feeling you wanted to do more for your patients or that you could help them more if you were able to grasp a better understanding of their experience of living with chronic pain? Have you felt like empowering your patient and helping them become more active in their pain management?

All these questions guided our founder, Soula Mantalvanos, to making PainTrain MHS. After her experience of misdiagnosis and the feeling of being lost in a system, she wanted to find a way to enhance communication between the healthcare practitioner and people living with pain. Unfortunately, she also found herself repeating information and finding her medical information challenging to access. This was an added stress Soula felt could be managed – there was enough to worry about managing pain!

PainTrain MHS understand the behaviour change required to transition patients from their passive seat to an empowered one is very forward-thinking. And we also understand how time-poor practitioners are.

Patients: if you are a little tech-savvy and willing to document your health story one more time and then simply keep it up to date, then maybe it’s worth having a chat with us.

Practitioners: if you think that your patients might benefit from a new way forward, let us take you on a quick tour of PainTrain MHS.

The patient experience documented in their words is key to receiving the best possible treatment.

Select from dates and times from the PainTrain MHS Calendly page. We look forward to speaking with you.