My forced patient position landed me in the excellent company of healthcare professionals and health organisations over the past 14 years. I never expected, and still to this day, I am surprised by the welcome I received from the healthcare industry.

I’ve joined pain organisations, forums, online groups, told my story in the media and at conferences; I continue to help with pain management training and established great connections through this website and through my advocacy. So not only am I proud of this work, but I’m thrilled to be acquainted with all these brilliant people.

Although I feel appreciated by these people, I’m now craving a bit more action. I don’t want to just keep repeating my story. I want to inspire change! I want to join a community that grasps creative communication, design and ideation relating to health. I want to be with conceptualists where ideas are produced and not measured (data, data, data… boring!).

I’m on the lookout for partners and people who, like me, are happy to help innovative progress (relating to the management of pain, of course!).

In my attempt to implement PainTrain My Health Summary (PainTrain MHS) formally into the healthcare industry, I’m now heading past what feels like planet Pain Management and toward the Health Tech solar system. It is exciting! There are movers and shakers here, and I’m standing at the Talking Healthtech (THT) station.

THT was founded by Peter Birch. Peter worked in management roles in healthcare organisations for over 15 years; big ones and small ones, innovative startups and slow-moving beasts, he’s seen all different kinds. Pete has experienced the exciting developments and the frustrating stagnation of all the ups and downs in health.

Now, I’m not saying chronic pain researchers aren’t movers and shakers, but I feel like I’m static in their world, just repeating my story over and over. ‘Lived experience’ is becoming as tiresome as ‘journey’. Now there’s ‘Narrative Medicine’, which are all great descriptors, but the effect of those words on people living in pain right now feels still?

How many times can we repeat the same information? We get it, practitioners hear it; pain is complex, and you need to listen to the patient more… but can you fix it now, please? 

I’m hopeful my new world will lead to some kind of collaboration or new opportunity. It undoubtedly has led to significant new connections, one of whom is Dr Valerio Vittone, a PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Virology. In other words, a specialist in personalised DNA based nutrition, health & lifestyle advice! So stay tuned; my DNA kit is in the mail!

We know the need to progress healthcare is a serious one – but if you consider it took a pandemic to get telehealth functioning, it’s scary!

Healthcare innovation is everywhere, some of it is in the air, but there’s also a lot in action. 

Right now, patients are left waiting for a new treatment, explaining and attempting to validate their experience. 

Healthcare professionals are left with few ways to help patients and to add to that, the whole med thing has turned the nightmare twofold for both patients AND the practitioner.

I need to move, see things changing, happening, growing, being created, and most importantly, see where these innovations are being IMPLEMENTED.

My healthcare practitioner followers, you have to get on Talking Healthtech. Patient brothers and sisters, I’ll keep you informed if it’s too tech for you, but you can still listen to the podcasts as well as sign up for the newsletter – remember, you’re driving your pain management. You are in a position to inspire your practitioners by informing them of new systems (have you told them about PainTrain MHS yet?). 

Talking HealthTech is a place to learn from future thinkers, innovators, founders, and professionals making significant changes within the industry and a place to share your knowledge and connect.  

I’m a paying member and participating in what is a very engaged community. The podcasts are brilliant, and the discussions are informative without being overwhelming. 

I plan to sit in ‘The Hot Seat With Pete’, a feature open to all members (she says through chattering teeth!). It’s a quick 15-minute video chat where members introduce themselves – so a brilliant place for me to talk about PainTrain MHS, which I have already shared with the community. I’ve had fantastic feedback, advice, suggestions and collaborative invitations already. 

I know many of you would bring a wealth of information to this forum. Pain (as we know) is a huge issue, and this network will value your insight into treating chronic pain.

The organisers have just extended their welcome beyond Australia so my international comrades, please come forward! 

I’ll be back to share my Hot Seat With Pete video chat and my fascinating results from my consultation with Dr Valerio Vittone. I hope to identify a few leads for the pain management of my’ complex condition’. 

Oh, it’s all so exciting and, of course, thrilling to be part of without the capacity-sucking leg work.