Forming part of the 2021 Global Year About Back Pain Webinar Series

Date: 18 March 2021
Time: 04:00 EDT/08:00 GMT/21:00 NZDT/19:00 AEDT
Length: 90 minutes

Supported Back Pain Self-Management – Made Simple


For many people, back pain management is mainly based around the medical model of care, which involves passive treatments, medication or even an operation. Most people with back pain are expecting to fully recover and in over 20% this is not the case, so for them to get on with their lives, people need to learn simple and effective back pain self-management skills.

But what is supported back pain self-management? It’s teamwork between the person and the healthcare professional. Think of it like this. The healthcare professional is the coach providing ideas and support and the person with back pain takes more ownership and of course does most of the work.

The aim of our webinar is to provide messages that supported back pain self-management does not need to be complicated and is simple. This webinar will be aimed at healthcare professionals, people who have back pain and people who are interested in learning more. There is a tendency to overcomplicate the ideology and the messages of back pain self-management, particularly by clinicians. Making it inaccessible to people with back pain and less experienced clinicians.

Our idea is by taking the unnecessary complexity out and explaining the bare bones required for a basic knowledge of this approach, will reduce the barriers and make it more attainable to all. Understanding that the back pain self-management message needs to be from the outset of injury and intertwined into management rather than the last stop saloon is vital. We will highlight the important aspect that back pain self-management works best in a supported environment hence the term supported back pain self-management. Teamwork matters.

Presenter Biographies

Pete Moore, Pain Self-Management Trainer, Coach and Author, Pain Toolkit, United Kingdom

Katie Knapton, MSCP, HCPC, Chartered Physiotherapist, CEO and founder of PhysioFast Online, Private Physiotherapist, United Kingdom

Bronwyn Lennox Thompson, PhD, MSc (Psych), DipOT, Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Otago Christchurch, New Zealand

A/Prof Toby Newton-John, Clinical Psychologist, Deputy Head of School Research, Graduate School of Health, University of Technology Sydney, Australia