I’m off and running for 2021. Considering I was about to dump advocacy all together, I am pleasantly surprised by the idea to up my advocacy activity.

I’m grateful for this natural creative drive (or perhaps madness!) which has instigated the idea for advocacy and communication via video. What’s more exciting is that I am able to conduct all this from the comfort of my space — no commute, no deadline, no lifting and I’m not stuck in one position.

I have found a way to be occupied and for the activity to form a valuable experience (hopefully). It helps that you have all found a way to embrace online learning (well, actually you were all forced to – no thanks to CV-19).

In 2011 I founded this website to create a platform for pain management resources. I didn’t want anyone to be left undiagnosed as I had been for years.

The web platform has since morphed and so I’m stepping up to a new stage.

I’ve made a special message to invite you along to my next level advocacy which I will deliver via video. The videos will be about my personal pain management and I will be inviting professionals and people living in pain to chat about their understanding of chronic pain also.

Although research directs professionals to ‘listen to the patient’, I feel there still is a mega divide between patient and professional. Needless to say, the lack of understanding of chronic pain is still immense.

The pain world is just not changing fast enough.

To follow, learn and support my advocacy, please tap me on the nose below or hit this link and become a member ($10/$50).

Best wishes to you all for 2021
Founder pudendalnerve.com.au & PainTrain – My Health Summary.
Soula Mantalvanos