2020 has been a really tough year! Certainly, it has provided some health noteworthy facts to pop into my PainTrain Health Summary.

With all the telehealth going on through CV-19 I felt that finally, PainTrain might be embraced more. So, I resurrected it!

Telehealth has been encouraging for both patients and healthcare professionals. It has succeeded in providing confidence for professionals and the general public – albeit for a very terrible reason.

Both healthcare ‘parties’ now embrace a different approach to appointments. This is great progress for a very lagging health system.

I missed my health summary. I didn’t feel right not having my own history. Sure I have health files all over the placed (physically, digitally, with many professionals, x-rays galore) but PainTrain is a bit of a rock for me. It’s my safekeeping.

After not having PainTrain for months, what I most kept thinking about was ‘what if I have to go to an appointment and meet a new healthcare professional?’.

I dreaded having to face that empty look of a professional who couldn’t possibly grasp my situation for at least 3 appointments. I also feared losing my personal version of my experience. What if I forgot my personal details – of course, I would as it’s impossible to remember everything!

Captions from My PainTrain – My Health Summary update

‘Living in Victoria in Australia, I’m on the other side of the CV-19 second wave and so I thought this is a really good time to make some notes.’

‘When I made PainTrain, I never intended it to be the type of resource that was demanding of every symptom and daily updates. It’s not really about that. It’s really for the main bits of information so that it forms a type of health CV that’s there for you when you need it.’

‘Health appointments have resumed again. So I was off for a remedial massage – that’s another great piece of information that I want as part of my patient journey.’

‘When I look back on this or when I’m going to my next appointment, really what’s in the summary, are the main bits of information that are going to be useful for my health care team and for myself also.’

GET STARTED  Unlimited health summaries $29 (inc. tax Aus.)/$26.36 (ex. tax Int.) per year.

CV-19 will in no way ever be worth having in our lives but it’s important to take the few positive things we’ve learned from its experience.

Having my own health summary is one of those things.