I’ll believe this when I see the results.

Any effort to help injured workers and rectify the workers’ compensation system is going to meet me with a very stern look of doubt on my face.

It’s also going to take a great deal of change for me to believe that any Governing body is keen to take action and that they will be able to follow through. It’s going to take a great deal of change and support and sadly it won’t make up for the trauma and loss suffered in the past.

Through the pandemic, I’ve been supported financially by the system and I did not have to fight in court for this much-needed support. I’m still scared to take a breath of confidence about it. Too scared that it can all be taken away without a valid reason.

It’s the beginning of the way forward. Sadly it’s short $100’s of thousands from my stolen wages and treatment support. The awful memories of bad treatment and horrific words from those ‘treating’ and ‘assessing’ and ‘filming’ within the system have left far more damage and that can never be repaired.

Is it possible that a Government group can swing all the bad it’s done (and doing) and transform into a truly supportive system? Can Victorian workers and employers feel confident that if in the case of a work accident, a system that supports injured workers and employers will exist? And where possible will this system be able to find a way to return workers to some form of work?

To me, it seems that to land another man on the moon is going to be far more possible.

I have applied to join the ‘Workplace Incidents Consultative Committee’. I’m not fussed as to whether I’m accepted or not, the main fact here is that eventuates and proceeds and executes and that it is in fact guided by people with lived experience.

I will be following developments with great interest.

This group not only needs lived experience from injured workers. It needs to hear from employers, self employers (like me), from lawyers, the injured worker’s healthcare teams and especially from their carers and loved ones.

The submission call and online application information call for lived experience. It appears thought was taken in drafting these two initial pieces of information.

‘The purpose of the WICC is to provide a forum for those who have faced the trauma and ongoing challenges of losing a loved one or suffering a serious injury or illness on the job, allowing them to contribute their lived experience to drive improvements in health and safety at Victoria workplaces.’

After being traumatised from this system over and over again, the words appear as potential empty promises and they will exist as such until I see change.

There is so much work to be done to pave a new attitude going forward. I believe the attitude (culture) of WorkSafe is what needs to change first – an internal ethical and moral change before any new ways of support can be implemented.

It’s a huge job for such a radical change (and a lot of taming of monstrous egos!). And much more than that!

Remuneration is being offered. You’d hope WorkSafe doesn’t penalise anyone who is accepted for the role and who may be receiving workers compensation payments.

Workplace Incidents Consultative Committee | Melbourne – CBD


Eligibility and Selection criteria:

We are seeking people who:

  • can use their experience to identify issues that are likely to impact affected persons;
  • can contribute to the development, review and improvement of policies, practices, strategies and systems relating to government support for affected persons and occupational health and safety;
  • want to provide advice to the Minister on initiatives and reforms to support other families and injured workers;
  • will respect the sensitive nature of discussions, maintain confidentiality of matters raised within meetings and not disclose private information gained through being on the committee.
Application Info