“When we live with pain for a long time, it changes who we are. It changes how we see the world and how we relate to the world. It changes everything. It is hard.”

DATE: Sep 09, 2020 – 19:00 (EDT)
DURATION: 90 minutes
PRICE: $39.99

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Neil Pearson
Shelly Prosko
Marlysa Sullivan
Joletta Belton

Yoga and Science in Pain Care Chapter 1: The Lived Experience of Pain

This is how I started my chapter, and how I will ground this session. I will explore this life- and self-altering aspect of pain, as well as how we can work through these changes and difficulties. It all begins with hearing and holding space for our stories. Only when we are understood as people can our pain be understood. It continues through empowering people living with pain to live well by guiding them in their search to find their own possibilities, their own meanings, their own paths. My path forward was paved with science and stories, mindfulness and movement, self-care, and compassion. What gives me such hope is that there are many paths forward. There are endless possibilities and you can help show us the way.

Learning Objectives for Chapter 1:

  1. Reflect on pain as a lived experience that affects our identities and lives
  2. Recognize how a person’s story helps to better understand their pain, which leads to better treatment paths
  3. Practice deep listening, without listening to formulate a response or attempt to fix

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