No, not me! I feel I’m in a little control…

But this, is exactly what I was thinking about after my GPADD18 presentation, wouldn’t it be great to host events such as GPADD18 for patients?

Hosting information conferences for professionals certainly is essential, but how simple is hosting a conference to get the information patients need straight in their hands!

Our lives have been cut short as it is, information and treatment needs to be delivered more quickly. We have lives to live.

This invitation of relevant information also touches on the points I make about self management. Patients need to be proactive in their pain management (actually, my pain specialist, Dr Nick Christelis originally said that!). I paid to hear that. You can go and hear that (and more!) for FREE!!! Dr Christelis is a leading pain specialist and has a wealth of information to share. He has the most current information to share, Nick’s minute to minute specialist area is pain management.

If you’re living with daily chronic pain and feeling you don’t have enough help or support, this is what you have to do – go get the info and this is where you have to go – this seminar. Go out and find the help, find the info, find the treatment… yes YOU have to do it.

In 2007 when I had my accident there was nowhere for me to find relevant pain information. I had no direction, I received no further relevant info for 4.5 years. I was totally alone in that time and my pain levels were worsening. But this won’t happen anymore and I’m just so thrilled about that.

Now, information has been organised in one place for you and hopefully coming to your state (and also hopefully posted online afterwards for those who cannot get out).

This seminar is heading to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Noosa. I’m hoping soon, this will be common practice – professional info events for people living with chronic pain. I’m hoping from now, people living with pain will understand that they need to partake in their pain management.

Not only is this great for you, but it’s great for your family and friends, and anyone else who needs to support you or perhaps might not understand chronic pain. Seriously, take your GP… take your employer! Take your council member, take the priest, take everyone that doesn’t understand pain!

The Australian Pain Management Association (APMA) invites you to attend a free seminar specifically for Australians living with chronic pain, their families & carers.

The seminar will focus on information, education, and shared experiences with chronic pain, no matter where you are on your journey.

APMA look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones.
Light refreshments will be served. Free parking will be available at the venues.

For registration and local event details, head to
Or call 1800 75 95 65