I’m a member of PainAustralia, well, PainTrain is. As you all know I support and follow alot of the pain educators and advocates.


Because it’s important to support the organisations that are educating professionals and the general public about chronic pain. It really is in my best interest.

Actually, it should be in everyone’s interest to get behind the organisations that promote education in an area of their interest (if they can). Personal interest (in my opinion) would have to be the biggest driver when it comes to ‘caring’ about anything and creating change.

Another benefit – aside from supporting and following the fab educational organisations and advocates, is that I get the information I need to help me manage and understand the chronic pain I live with. I also can’t afford to book endless appointments to get this information and who wants to see a doc/specialist that much (they don’t want to see me if there’s another option either!).

The internet has opened up our health world and there’s alot patients can do prior to appointments (you hope your pain team is doing this too!).

You would also have gathered by now that our health care worlds are changing. Patients are choosing to be more informed and the stats show better outcomes when patients are more involved in the management of their health issues.

I’m certain I would never have made this much progress if I had not been as active in learning about chronic pain. I’m also certain about the change in how we approach health care (hence my creation of PainTrain).

So dear professionals and patients, here’s some good stuff to learn (and I’d definitely recommend signing up to this site as well noijam.com).

Patients, to be even further prepared prior to an appointment you could even note any questions down after your research in a PainTrain health summary and send your private link before the appointment. Note any important responses during or after your appointment so you keep the information accessible anytime.

(Excerpt from betterpainmanagement.com)

Better Pain Management is a professional, high quality online education program developed by the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA). The program has been designed for specialist and general medical practitioners, medical students, nurses and allied health practitioners engaged in the care of patients with persistent pain.

Better Pain Management is a program of twelve online education modules each designed to be completed in one hour.  Modules can be purchased individually to construct a self-directed learning program, or as pre-set Courses comprising of modules packaged together to produce a targeted learning program. Training managers can also purchase modules or courses on behalf of others, distribute and manage licenses to staff and create a comprehensive training program around pain management.

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