(Just quickly, I’d like to take this opportunity to say PainTrain – My Health Summary, Theo and I are so proud to have contributed to this year’s Ride for Pain and the #painrevolution. I would personally like to thank everyone who contributed to the $824.64 we raised.)

Lorimer’s reflections on our week on the road

As a card-carrying scientist, I am impressed by the numbers:

25 cyclists. 750km. 11,500 vertical metres. 450 bananas. 10kg of snake lollies. 500 sandwiches (thanks Di!) 100L of soft drink. 12kg of cold meats.

10 outreach events. 1000+ participants. 250 engaged users of the Brain Bus. 35 media interviews. 677 individual donors. $77,498 and counting raised.

A dozen Local Pain Educators and their mentors engaged and deep in training. A dozen new expressions of interest.

A few dozen new friendships. Several new community and commercial partnerships. One fully committed Pain Revolution family.

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