Australian employers and injured workers, here comes your new workers’ compensation system, Craig’s Table!

And a very beautiful supportive human that I’m proud to call a friend (and huge support during my battles), Rosemary McKenzie Ferguson is the founder.

It’s common for Australians to think injured workers abuse the compensation system. Our media has been very good in creating stigma – and worse still, the insurers who manage claims are brilliant using their intimidation tactics and our Gov’s primitive legislation to keep injured worker’s compensation in their dirty pockets.

It’s not the way to help injured workers recover and get back into the work force.

If you think injured workers don’t go hungry in this country after having a work accident, then have a little hunt around and see the work Rosemary has done. And it all started with her delivering food parcels to the homes of injured workers who couldn’t manage their compensation claims.

The way injured workers have been treated in this country is vile, unacceptable and so damn unAustralian and I can say I’ve felt the blow 100%. I’ve only been able to manage thanks to Theo’s help who took up the management of my claim so I wouldn’t be left with $0.

If you’re an Australian injured worker, I highly suggest you share this YouTube click and news of Craig’s table.

Make it known you want a better compensation system and that the way injured workers are being treated currently is just unacceptable.