You might recall me plugging the Pain Down There DVD – an extensive resource for women created by Robert Echenberg, Karen Liberi, Alexandra Milspaw, and Stephanie Yeager.

Now the team have taken this a step further, turning the DVD into an online, supported program.

The idea is to offer support and pain management in small groups of 10 – 15 women who start the program at the same time. The video content is released to them online and they also get to meet as a group online with Stephanie as their personal health coach. Individually they have the option to meet with the doctor and PT – all via video conferencing.


Together, patient education and self management are crucial to anyone living with chronic pain. It’s important for the patient to take a leading role but without these sorts of online resources, often the person with pain is left to suffer alone.

I wish I had access to the online resources we’re seeing more of today. In fact it was all the incredible professionals who responded to my emails that contributed to my progress.

These online resources save the patient from using their precious capacity by having the information accessible to them anytime, any day when they’re feeling ready to absorb the information, when they are able to take it all in.

Please support Stephanie and her team to get this essential resource online. Even a few dollars will help them reach their goal.

Every contribution counts.

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