It’s finally filtering through my brain: It’s going to be VERY hard work most days and it’s up to me to keep my butt in gear and stay on the treatment and management trail.

You’ll all be getting sick of reading my badger about this, but the research is out. Patient experiences have been in the making (for decades now), and the biggest sign that the hard work is cut out for people with chronic pain comes from the many who are now drug dependent with either increasing levels of pain or who sadly have lost their lives – not from the medication – but from the battle.

I get sick of filtering through paragraphs and words and med talk that I don’t quite understand (not to mention the pain levels soar for some peculiar reason) and as an artist, I still find it really difficult to present my pain experience to my readers, family and friends in a simple form.

How do you show chronic pain? How do you show the invisible and how on earth do you explain living with it?

But Dr Echenberg found something and shared it with me during our last skype meet. He informed me about three New York based physical therapists; Elan Schneider, Rob DiLillo, and Greg Hullstrung, and their project

There are eight courses for you to flick through – each with few words, big pictures, loads of definition and they give you the feeling that someone is scratching your pain spot (my leg is twitching just thinking about it).

No need for me to babble on. The lessons are free for all and served to the world in 16 languages. And there are more lessons coming – specifically about opioids – so make sure you sign up and/or revisit.

This free online course will teach you a science based approach to reducing symptoms and getting back to the life you want to live.

No, it’s not a cure but expect to understand more, find some reference for your next conversation about pain and expect to feel the support and empathy which isn’t often found in pain resources.

Thank you Elan and team!