_ Mark of hope_Soula Mantalvanos QGW Lettered print exchangeQueenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W) organised the Lettered print exchange.

A Print Exchange is when artists submit works to a set theme and they exchange each other’s work, each artist keeping a complete portfolio.

An exhibition is held and only a few of the editions are for sale.

In QG&W’s case (we own the gallery remember?), we set the theme so that it coincided with the Queenscliffe Literary Festival allocating each artist a letter of the alphabet in the order in which they applied for the exhibition.

We ended up with 33 submissions so were able to assign a few punctuation marks also.

I allocated myself the last letter which was ‘?’

I had about 5 months to do this very small task and I was adamant to be part of it.

No, it’s not an abstract piece it’s an actual MRI of my pelvis. The ‘wires’ are the leads of my two implants (old leads are the larger dotted lines – 8pts and the new leads have 16pts so closer dots, in fact almost solid lines going through the sacrum).

That little machine is my programmer and battery (of the old implant the latest device is further up out of MRI range).

‘Mark of hope?‘ basically expresses the questions that come with any treatment. There’s no way of knowing this treatment is going to work, the questions in my head never stop.

Thanking Andrew Gunnell who made a screenprint of a digital file of my MRI that I scanned and added line screen dots to.

I masked the ‘?’ on the screen with tape.

I printed these myself – it cost me 2-3 days of pain which is a pretty good sign!